Hello, I’m Elliott and this is my first blog, so go easy on me! I’ve had an interest in all things horse racing for a number of years, going back to when I was a child and my Grandad would have the racing on the tv and be going through the form in the newspaper. As a shorter man from a family of bookies, he was once an aspiring jockey but entered instead into the bookmaking side of horseracing. Myself being too tall and enjoying food too much to make the weight, instead I have come to love racing more as an armchair fan and casual punter.
I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a while now, as I find writing my thoughts in regards to the racing, helps me get to analyse form more thoroughly and helped me land on a few decent winners. Hopefully, a few of you will follow me on the journey and we can back some winners together.
I’m going to be providing blog posts regularly up until Cheltenham looking at some of the biggest races of the calendar and taking a different approach, finding some of the bigger odds horses who may have been overlooked in the market.


"Horse racing is a release"

Sir Alex Feguson


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